Time Management Expertise

Time is an irreplaceable asset. Be sure that you spend your time where it matters most to you.

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14 Lessons 01:12:06 Hours
Time Management Expertise
14 Lessons 01:12:06 Hours
  • Video 1 Time management expertise HD Video Training 00:03:13
  • Video 2 The basics 00:05:27
  • Video 3 how to identify and eleminate time investers 00:06:15
  • Video 4 The pareto principles Introduction and hoe to apply it 00:05:49
  • Video 5 How to manage multiple priorities 00:06:28
  • Video 6 Stephen convey's time management matrix 00:07:49
  • Video 7 How to color coading to increase productivity 00:06:06
  • Video 8 4D's of time management 00:04:29
  • Video 9 Tips to make the most of your time 00:04:16
  • video 10 How to get rid of bad habits 00:04:41
  • Video 11 Employee time management 00:04:48
  • Video 12 Email management for batter time management 00:04:03
  • Video 13 Role of time management in stress management 00:03:49
  • Video 14 The benefit of time management 00:04:53
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Time is an irreplaceable asset. Be sure that you spend your time where it matters most to you.

Successful people know how to manage their time better, even though there are only 24 hours in a day. They know and practice time management. But it’s difficult to take control of every single minute of your day especially when there are too many distractions around. Also, time management is no easy task, it is a juggling act of various things that help you increase efficiency and strike a better work-life balance. Hence, to help you get started, we want to teach you the proper strategies and tactics for better managing your time with our valuable HD video course. You’ll learn...

The basics of time management.

How to identify and eliminate time wasters

Everything about pareto principle, its introduction and how to apply it in your life

All about how to manage multiple priorities

Everything about the stephen covey‘s time management matrix

How to use color-coding to increase productivity

About the 4d's of time management

The tips to make the most of your time

How to get rid of your bad habits

All about the employee time management

Everything about email management for better time management

The role of time management in stress management

The benefits of time management

About the time management mistakes you are making

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